January 23


WordPress Categories vs. WordPress Tags

By Kristen

January 23, 2012

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Did you know that from a search engine optimization perspective, WordPress categories are the same thing as WordPress tags?

I didn't know that!

In your WordPress database, tags and categories are treated exactly the same, and the search engines see them as essentially the same.

That means it's redundant to have a tag and category with the same name — if you do, you're essentially just applying the category to the tag. Some themes use tags and categories in different ways, but the database still stores tags/categories the same.

Here's an analogy that WordPress uses to explain how you should use them:

Categories: “Baking” and “Cookies”

Tags: “Chocolate,” “Macadamia Nut,” “Gluten-Free”

The categories are the broader, well, categories. The tags are something descriptive about ingredients. Somebody looking for all of your chocolate or gluten-free recipes could search by tag, and get recipes regardless of category.

I'm going to be doing a niche site case study over the next few weeks and talk more about organizing and planning out a WordPress site for search engine optimization. This quick tip provides something of a foundation to get started with 😉

Don't want to wait for my case study? I used Lisa's WordPress guide to help set up this site and I'll be working through it again throughout the niche site case study. Click here to grab it for yourself now.

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