Why Did I Use Site Build It for My Niche Sites?

Why did I choose to use Site Build It for my first websites?  Why, when I could get a domain for around $8 a year (at that time), and free hosting from a friend's hosting company, would I choose to use something that (at that time) was a huge $299?  Why, when I was living below the poverty line, would I take a tiny inheritance from my grandmother's death to buy SBI?

Because I knew it would work.

In the six years since I purchased my first SBI site, it has made me tens of thousands of dollars.  I won't go overboard — it hasn't made me rich or anything (yet).  But for the “part time” time I have put in, it has made me more than a comfortable income.  When I was a single mom, it paid the lion's share of my bills (with some help coming from my fiancee, now husband).

I want to be real here.  If I had full time to work on my site, it would make more.  If I hadn't taken months off at a time where I completely ignored it, I'm sure it would be making more passive income than it already is.

But regardless, my first site and my second SBI site both make a nice income for me today, with the promise of growing for my tomorrow — and my children's tomorrows.

Life Then

Back then (it feels like a lifetime ago) I had three kids and life was a struggle.  I desperately wanted to be home with them, and I knew people were making money on the internet.

I can remember exactly how I started researching making money online.  I came across some kid's site about brokering JV partnerships.  That's where it started… but it ended up with me coming across a Site Build It book on affiliate marketing.  When I read that, I knew I'd found something that worked (and it does… I love seeing those little “Sale” emails pop into my inbox every day from affiliate sales).  I knew I wanted to use SBI.

My grandma passed away as I was researching all of this.  I feel like maybe I let my grandma down while she was alive.  I wasn't doing too hot.  But I hope that I am honoring her legacy now that my website, built in her name, has become a strong business.

I chose SBI because it had all the tools that I needed to get started.  I didn't know anything.  In fact, I didn't even write well.  At the time I though I wrote pretty well, but I look back on my original writings and I laugh 😉

I Could Work

But I could read, I could learn, and I could work.  When I put my kids to bed, I wrote.  And I wrote, and I wrote.  I wrote for my site, I wrote for article directories.  I sought out links.  I did pretty much everything the SBI documentation told me to do.  And I watched my site watch in the rankings. It took a little while for my site to start making money (and to be honest, I didn't pick a niche that was an extremely hot money maker… birth isn't quite the money maker weight loss or making money is :p)  But make money it did, and the income just kept rolling in once it started.

When I started my second SBI site a couple of years ago, it started making money almost right away.  I'd learned a lot, and I put the SBI system to work.

I put a lot on the line to get that first site.  To my family, at that time, $299 was a huge sum of money.  It was month's worth of money…  but I knew that investment would pay for itself hundreds of time over.  I knew my Site Build It site would work and work for me.

It Keeps Working

Can my sites be more awesome?  Yeah.  They can be.  I'm working on it.  But you know what?  SBI didn't stop back there six years ago when I first bought it.  They've kept up with everything going on and keep putting out up-to-date modules and how-to's (not to mention huge forums where members post even more how-to's).  I know that with my renewed focus on my niche sites and Site Build It's resources, I'll be at the top of my game.
This is more personal than technical, really.  I'm not giving you all the great reasons step-by-step in nice little bullet points.  I'm just telling you, I picked SBI because I knew it would work.

Guess what?  It did.  

Click here if you want to know more about Site Build It!  This is an affiliate link and I do make a commission if you order through it (your price doesn't change).  Thanks in advance for your support.



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Jawana V. Jackson - January 24, 2012

Kristen: What a wonderful story of what we can do if you believe in yourself. Your story also gives us all hope that great things can cometo those who stand strong. I look forward to reading your site for inspiration and encourage others to do so.

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