Get Traffic

Your website needs traffic.  
It's really that simple.  It doesn't matter what web host you choose, how focused your domain name is, how pretty your design is, or even what internet business model you've decided on – you have to have traffic.

If your business model revolves around selling ad space, you need visitors who will see your ads.  If you're selling products, you need visitors to buy them.  If you're doing email marketing, you need visitors who will sign up for your list.  As you can see, visitors are essential.  Visitors are the traffic you need.  Here's an overview of traffic generation:


SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the most basic building block of your traffic strategy.  Your visitors provide the income you want from your e-business, but the search engines bring in free, targeted traffic.  Both of those things are great for you.  Targeted visitors are those who are looking for the information you provide – and are more likely to be interested in your advertising, products, and mailing lists.

Article Marketing

You may hear that article marketing is dead.  It's true that the shape of article marketing has changed a lot over the past decade, however it is still a valuable means of adding to your business's traffic.  As far as free traffic generation goes, article marketing is still one of the kings.  My business has been built on the back of article marketing.  It's worth your consideration.

Social Media

The term “social media” has come to encompass more and more as the “social” web space grows.  The internet is not just for information anymore, it's also for interaction.  Becoming socially-savvy benefits you and your business.  Remember, your main website is always your home base, and you want to get people back there (or on your mailing list), but social media can be a great way to bring people to you.

Videos and Podcasting

Some consider Youtube, Vimeo, and other video sites to be part of the social media world, and really, they are.  Podcasts can fit in here, too.  But these rich media can go above and beyond the conversations on social sites.  They can build you a strong and loyal fan base.  Depending on your niche, these may be a major way to get an audience and bring them to your website or get them on your mailing lists.

Other Traffic Generation Methods

The methods above are major methods, but there are smaller methods that tie into all of them.  Some, like guest posting and getting mentions in large ezines can bring you floods of high quality traffic.

Other methods cost money – banner ads and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) are some examples of paid traffic.

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