Six Hot Blog Posts to Take Action On

The new year is a time for setting goals and making plans. If you stop right there, though, you're not going to get anywhere this year. I love planning. I'm a mind-mapping fiend! But if you make elaborate plans, or even beautiful mindmaps, that doesn't give you success. It all goes back to walking the walk – you can sure talk the talk, but if you don't walk the walk you're not getting anywhere. Take action! You've heard it before. Just go!

When I read a blog post that I get a lot of value from I try and take action from it. Sometimes it's a small action, sometimes it's a big one, or a series of actions. But I try and do something — and soon — to improve my business (or life). Here are six posts that spurred me to action. Read them and take action. Read, Aim, and FIRE.

No Choice

I love Seth's regular little snippets of wisdom. This one was so powerful for me that it has stayed on my Instapaper front page since he published it. Normally I shuffle things off into folders then process them away. Not this post. This one is powerful. It's about owning your own life. This will take you 60 seconds to read. Make the time, make it part of your life.

No Choice

A Tiny Email List That Delivers

Ana's posts are fantastic because they are super actionable. You can read one, open a new tab in your browser, and use her info immediately. This post is one of my favorite ones because it's one of those that helps the little guy, the underdog, get up and get going. Not only is this post packed with strategies, Ana links to several other posts that will keep you busy for awhile. She knows what she's talking about, so dig into this post about how she keeps her tiny email list happy enough to help her land a top spot on the leader-board of a huge guru product launch:

Tiny List, Big Check, and an iPad

Make a Face for Yourself

I'll admit Kristi's blog name got my attention – it's just cute in a world of “keyword optimized” domain names. But it only takes a minute to realize that her blog is packed with great advice. Kristi has her finger on the social media world and you should pay attention to her advice. I picked her post on starting a new Facebook fan page. You want to be an authority in your niche, so having your face on the major social media outlets is a must. You'll get great tips to get going on this page (and check out all of her posts on optimizing your social media profiles):

Starting Your Facebook Page

Experience Counts

Lisa is the gal to get tested strategies from. Lisa built her site based on what she knew worked, and she hasn't stopped there. She's constantly innovating and testing things on her network of websites. Plus she has a candid, direct style that lets you know she's there for you! Lisa reports the results she's getting on her blog, and this is a post you should pay attention to. Adsense is a real way for the young blog to start bringing in income – go check out these tested results (and test them on your site!):

7 Strategies to Make You More Money

The Truth About…

I read an interview with Mike years ago and found that one inspiring. It's amazing to see how his success has continued. This mammoth interview has so many gold nuggets in it – you could read it six times and still get something new. If you're interested in pay-per-click advertising there's a section on that. But pay special attention to how Mike makes sure he's bringing in content that engages his visitors and brings success to his affiliates:

Can You Say More Than 6-Figure Success?

You Can Do Anything

Did you think that when you were a kid? That you were invincible, destined for greatness, and at the top of your (rather short) game? I did. Guess what? That feeling may have stopped, but your potential didn't. We live in awesome time… a time where you can learn almost anything you want… in fact, you can probably teach yourself. I will admit I'm an info-junkie. I love to learn stuff to help my business, my home, my family… learning and discovery should never stop. Check out this awesome manifesto from Scott… and teach yourself anything:

Yes, Yes You Can Do Anything

You can read through these fabulous posts, agree with me that they rock, then sit around and do nothing. Or you can read these, explore further, make an action plan, then light that fire!

What's the first action step you're taking to make the new year yours?

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Justin Mazza - December 31, 2011

Hi Kristen,
I have already began writing out clear and actionable goals for my blog in 2012. Last year was all about learning and growing and this year I will take my blog to the next level.

You have some really good posts mentioned here that I need to check out.

    Kristen - December 31, 2011

    That’s awesome Justin. I think that writing them out in an actionable format is really important because it means you actually get something done. Your blog looks great, I will keep an eye on where you head in the coming year 🙂

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