Sitemap Generation Quick Tip

Creating a sitemap is important for SEO purposes.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  I will be writing more about SEO soon, but for now know that it's important to getting your website or blog ranked.  There are two categories, known as “on page” and “off page.”  Your sitemap is on-page SEO.

A sitemap is an organized listing of your website or blog made specifically for search engine spiders.  The search engines send out digital searchers or robots, which we call spiders because they “crawl” through the entire internet rating and checking each site that appears.  A sitemap lets the spider have a clean, well-organized way to study the content on your site.

If you're using a static website you may need to generate your sitemap alone.  If you're using Site Build It! or WordPress, however, you can quickly and easily get your sitemap started.  Each one only takes a few steps.

SBI! users: you'll find the instructions in the Search Engine HQ, as you can see in the screenshots below.  You'll be able to set up your sitemap quickly following the step-by-step instructions there:

WordPress users:  I recommend you use a plugin called XML Sitemaps.  The video below will quickly walk you through setting it up:

Photo by John Pavelka


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