December 28


Purpose and Goals for the Coming Year

By Kristen

December 28, 2011

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It seems like it's pretty trendy right now to label goals as “useless,” at least in the blogsphere. I keep reading post after post about why goals are just a limiting measure of your time, and that you need to be spontaneous, enjoy life's adventure, go where it takes you, etc.
My husband has never really liked goals or set them for himself. I, on the other hand, have tended to set goals. I don't set resolutions for myself, really, but I do set goals. I don't think that goals are useless. Maybe some people, like my man, don't do as well having a goal, or find a goal to be a poor tool for them. But for me goals bring focus to my hopes and dreams. They give me action steps to take towards what I want.

I want to take this post to share a little more about why I've taken up this blog and what goals I have for next year.

Why I'm Writing on Milk and Mud

This poor website has gone through several changes since I first launched it in 2007, and has now landed in what I hope will be a permanent condition as you see it here.

I run two niche websites that bring in a successful part-time income for my family. I would like to continue to grow their income into a full-time one. Those sites are geared towards mothers and I find that I love to write and share with the moms on those sites.

But I also want to write about my marketing and personal development journeys, sometimes I can't really do on those websites. I want to share with others about those topics, and I like the idea of developing a community that is supportive of improving marketing and oneself.

Taking a Big Chunk

It may be that Milk and Mud never becomes hugely financially successful because it's not strongly targeted in one area. That's OK with me. I know that, technically, I should focus on one area of marketing a profitable website and really drill into that.

But I want to share all of my experiences in developing a thriving business and honestly, a lot goes into that. I also want to share how I manage a household and a family while I manage a business. So there will be some of that in here, too.

My Goals for Milk and Mud

My goals for the site are to keep up writing consistently on the site and via email. I would also like to get a good routine in on the social media sites and comment on other blogs. These are skills I need to improve for my niche sites, too. Milk and Mud gives me a place to start gaining a better understanding of how to bring all of this together.

I want to fill Milk and Mud with valuable articles, tutorials, and how-to's on the basics that I've already developed skills in – choosing topics, hosting, etc.

And as I said above, I want to share my experiences as I develop my own business and as I learn more and more about success and personal growth.

We'll see how these things go over the course of the next year — goals give me a valuable place to jump from, to plan action from, and to measure my progress from. Here's to a new year, new progress, and new wisdom to gain.

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About the author

I'm a wife and mother who loves working online. This is my little home on the web. I run Milk and Mud to share what I'm discovering as I run my own business and explore personal development.

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I don’t set my goals on the eve on New Year, I usually like to keep working and set my goals accordingly and as per the responses which I get through my efforts. I do take set one resolution every New Year and that is to stay fit and avoid fatty body.

    1. Shalyn I also set goals throughout the year, but I find that the new year is a natural time to reflect on what I have accomplished as well as what I’d like to see over the next year 🙂 Working on my fitness is one of my big goals this year, too!

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