Productivity and Personal Development… While You Do the Dishes

I love to discover more about how I can improve myself. I love to sit and work on my business. I could probably happily spend hours every day writing or reading. Are you the same way?

Unfortunately, life gets in the way. I shouldn't say that it gets in the way, that's not really fair. I enjoy other parts of my life, like mothering my children and spending time with my husband. But cleaning? I could do without it. Cooking day in and day out? It gets old!

Getting Really Frustrated

I will admit that I often found myself getting frustrated with these mundane tasks. Why did I have to spend so much of my day taking care of these repetitive chores when I could be building an empire?! Okay, okay, maybe not an empire, but at least a thriving business.

I would sit and think, rather jealously, of workers who got to go to the office and sit in peace and quiet for 8 hours a day, just getting stuff done. Now I know that in reality, workers get interrupted and are rarely as productive as they'd like to be. But at least they weren't stuck cleaning the same mess day in and day out. At least they could throw together a simple meal and be satisfied without worrying that grumpy people weren't going to feel full.

The Simple Solution

I found a great solution, and one that can be utilized during any boring, mundane, repetitive tasks you find yourself a slave to. No, I'm not going it say that you should outsource the task. Chances are, you can't do that (though I work hard to delegate a lot of chores to my children… it's good for them).

I found there's an easy way to make the work go more quickly, and enjoy growing, learning, and discovering while you do it. The key is to listen to audios while you work.

I told you it was simple.

Don't listen to the latest novel, however. As much as it's nice to escape from time to time, you want this time to be productive. If you're feeling really overwhelmed with life a novel may be in order. Otherwise put it back on the shelf!

Grab a marketing audio. Get one of those information product audios that you've had shoved in a folder on your desktop for three months. That free audio you downloaded when you subscribed to somebody's list? Now is the time to listen to it!

This is a great time to listen to personal development books. You can work around the house while you mull over what you're hearing. You may boost your own productivity by listening to a productivity track. Listen while you cook, listen while you clean, you can even listen while you walk. If you have to make a daily commute, listen then.

If you're out of spirits, confused, or overwhelmed, listen to one of the motivational personal growth audios out there. You can find a lot for free online or at your library. Or go ahead and invest in a good one that really inspires you and listen whenever you're down.

If you have a business podcast that you've been interested in, now is the time to download it and jump in. There are several podcasting apps I've heard good things about — load one onto your mp3 player and get to work!

I've been doing this consistently for several months and it makes a huge difference in how fast the work goes. I've been working a major organizing project around the house and having my marketing toolkit playing in my pocket really helps me feel like I'm getting a lot done — for my family and for my business.

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I'm a wife and mother who loves working online. This is my little home on the web. I run Milk and Mud to share what I'm discovering as I run my own business and explore personal development.

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