March 12


On Dandelions, Ink, and Winning the Game

By Kristen

March 12, 2012

grit, persistence, tenactiy

Scott and I watched a movie last night called Like Dandelion Dust.

I thought it was a really good movie. Compelling story, all characters had very real flaws. Just one that left you with tears in your eyes and thinking about the characters.

I went and looked up the movie after we finished and saw it was based on a book.

The author who wrote the book, Karen Kingsbury, has had several New York Times bestsellers (TEN actually!) – but I couldn't help but notice that she's authored more than 50 books.

Have you noticed how many best-selling authors have penned so many books? That's a lot of ink (or pixels).

I think that's awesome. I think it's awesome that Karen Kingsbury and so many other bestselling authors are not “one hit wonders” – but they're women and men dedicated to writing.

Are they sitting back saying “I have 40 books that aren't best-sellers”?? … are you sitting there saying “yeah, she has 40 books that aren't best-sellers”??

No way! You're sitting there saying “wow, it must be nice to have 10 (ten!!) New York Times best-sellers!

How many books (sites, apps, articles, scripts, recipes, photos, wool socks) have you created? Keep going. Don't stop when one loses. Take it from Karen and so many like her… play to win.

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  1. Hi Kristen,

    That’s a very valid point you’ve made there. Focus is on the positive and not the negative – that’s what sustains and drives one to succeed despite the failures that occur.

    Definitely something to think about.

    Great blog by the way.

    Thanks for the info.

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