My Book Made the News!

I'm really excited. My book made the paper 🙂 Mention on the front page… and half of page 2A! I almost can't believe it. The reporter did a good job putting the article together 🙂 I suppose the best way to explain it is to let you read the article!

Local Author Pens Book of Practical Baby Feeding Tips

The reporter came to the house a few weeks ago to interview me about the book.  It was the first time I've ever done an interview like that, but she was great so I felt really relaxed through the whole thing.

She also complimented me on how well-spoken I was, which of course made me feel good!  I guess after years of writing online I've gotten pretty good at expressing myself, though I still feel like I bumble along and make mistakes.

Anyways, scans of the article below.  I'm thrilled!

Oh!  Go ahead and Get Your Copy of First Bites and Beyond

On the Front Page Sidebar!

Here's the article!


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