​​​​Watch Me Create Product Funnel for a Niche Authority Site Complete with a Low-Ticket Introductory Product and a High-Ticket Online Class in Just a Few Weeks Time

From: Kristen Burgess

Dear friend,

Did you just read that headline and think to yourself "it's great that SHE can do that - but how could I?"

Maybe you've got a great idea for a product, but you're not sure how to get people to actually buy the product - maybe you think that people don't actually buy stuff from strangers online!

Or perhaps you've been planning a product for weeks, months, years, and have never gotten in created, even though you know it would change lives if you could just get it created.

Or you have your product, but you haven't figured out how to actually launch it. How do you get peoples' eyes on your product? How do you write a sales letter? Should you do a "product launch?"

Creating an online product is one of the most intimidating parts of being a digital marketer - but it's also one of the most powerful parts of your business. I hinted at it above - when you create products, you can create entire funnels that lead your customer through products that will help them create the changes and get the results that they want. You also increase customer value for your business 🙂

Affiliate products can be part of a well-rounded strategy, especially if you promote big launches from time-to-time, or you have physical products that compliment your niche well... but ultimately your own products create the backbone of your business and build deep trust in your subscribers.

Of course, that brings us right back to the core problem - how do you create a product? How do you actually get something out there that people want to buy?

I've done trainings on product creation before, because I believe that knowing how to create a product and create it fast can make a huge difference - but quickly realized that clients wanted more.

How do you create a product that really connects with your customers? How do you write sales copy? How do you create a product launch to sell that product?

As you may know, I've been building out a niche authority site that I want to take to the next level - and I want to plug a complete product funnel (or two) into that site. So I've decided that I'll let you watch me, step-by-step, as I put together a basic product funnel consisting of a low-ticket product and a higher-ticket online course.

How to Create a Product and Launch it Successfully

Product creation has many moving parts, so we'll cover them all across the next 6 weeks of this case study:

  • Market Research
  • Outlining Your Product
  • Researching Your Product
  • Creating Your Product
  • Product Funnel Creation
  • Sales Letters
  • Launching Your Product

Week 1 - Market Research

I'm going to give you a little secret right here - if you do your market research the right way, it will practically outline your product and write your sales copy for you.

And you won't need to use any cheesy, "hypnotic" sales language either - you'll just use the exactly the right words to show people you know what they need - and that you're the place to get it.

We're going to cover several different strategies for marketing research - including surveying your own list, and how to find gems even if you don't have a big list yet.

Week 2 - Outlining Your Product

In Week 2 we're going to pull together the gold you mined in Week 1 and polish it so it turns into a clear outline to follow throughout the course of your product creation. I'll show you several different methods to use to build an outline, so you have an outline for:

  • A Kindle book
  • A PDF eBook you can sell on your site
  • An online course or class
  • An app for iPhones or Android phones (or iPads or tablets)
  • A coaching program
  • A membership site

It doesn't matter what kind of product you want to create - I'll show you how your outline becomes a working plan for all of them.

Plus I'll show you how to take your outline and write a sales letter - so you can sell before you create the product.

Week 3 - Researching Your Product

You want your product to change lives.

Your product MUST change lives


Listen - if you create a crummy product, you may make some sales, but you're not going to make many. And soon the word will get out that your product is crummy! People won't buy from you anymore!

You're building a business here. I don't know about you, but I honestly want my business to be something I can pass on to my kids. That means it's got to be a great business - and that means I need quality products.

Here's another little secret - Once you've gotten your first few products created, researching a product won't feel so challenging.

You only need to be just ahead of your clients in education. So as you do continuing education, you'll naturally spot opportunities to create products and naturally do the research for those.

That's the good news - but right now you're probably thinking "that's all well and good Kristen, but right now I have no idea how to put together a product that doesn't look like a 3rd grade science fair project."

That's what we're going to talk about in Week 3 - how to pull together research and fill out your outline so your product is really high-quality... and how to create products more quickly in the future 🙂

Week 4 - Creating Your Product

This week is often the favorite week because it has the most "bright shiny objects" 😉

What software do you use? What tools do you need to create a good product? What equipment is required - and what can wait until you turn a profit?

We'll cover all those questions and more - apps that are helpful, using plugins on your site vs. a "done for you" solution for hosting online classes, and more.

But we'll also cover nitty-gritty schedules for actually sitting down and writing or recording your product.

We'll talk about how to decide if you should teach a live class or a pre-recorded class.

I'll also cover when and how to create handouts, when to add homework to a product, and when you should add an accountability or coaching component. And there's a complete training on how to get a product done FAST if you need to have a completed product in just 12 days.

This is the week where your product plans are going to come together - and you're going to have an amazing product to launch to your customers.

Week 5 - Product Funnels

I've already said it in this letter (in fact, I said it in the headline - I hope you've been paying attention), but product funnels are a key part of an online business.

Funnels take you from one-off sales that help you scrape by every month to repeat sales that build momentum and create a sustainable business.

They're not the only thing that helps with that - but they're really key. Funnels are something you don't see very often when you look at successful online businesses. Maybe you've sold an affiliate product for another marketer, and you wonder "how is he doing so well when my one little product flopped? He must be making hundreds of sales a day!!!"

But that's probably not the case - he probably has an entire backend funnel that you can't see. He brings people in with his one little product, but then he shows his customers other products, often higher-ticket products, that get them better results... and make him additional (often residual) income.

This is also an excellent time to consider affiliate products - are there complimentary products, or physical products, that fit in your niche? Your product funnel can include those.

This week we're going to discuss funnels, and I'll show you how I'm going to design a simple funnel for our case study site - a funnel that you can easily copy and tweak to give you great results on your site.

We'll also discuss how to take your funnels to the next level with membership programs and coaching.

Week 6 - Sales Letters and Product Launches

You've planned your product, researched it, created it, and even brainstormed a full funnel - and now it's time to sell it. Obviously this is a critical step, but I'm going to show you how to make it easy.

I can't take the hard work out of writing a sales letter and product launch sequence, but I can make it a whole lot less intimidating.

I'll show you how to pull your market research back out and let your sales letter practically write itself.

This is a powerful technique that most marketers never use - but it will help you write powerful copy every time.

This is not manipulative (who wants to get customers by using slick language, anyways - it feels like a slimy used car lot!). This is about discovering your customer's pain points and showing them how you're going to help solve those. Using the same language as your customers helps you connect with them and communicate clearly so they know your solution is the right solution.

We'll also dive deep into product launches - I'll share my experiences launching with a niche site. I've done huge, elaborate launches and I've done "quick launches" and other promotions - so you'll hear first-hand what works... and watch me launch two new products for our case study site.

Create a Product from Start to Finish - and Make Sales When You Launch

Products are the lifeline of your business. Learn to create products, and you've learned to create income. Learn to write sales letters and you've discovered one of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur. Learn to launch a product and you've discovered a key to scaling your income again, and again, and again.

Once you've got your website up and you're collecting email addresses, products are literally the foundation you'll build the rest of your business on. They're the beginning, middle, and end of your strategy to scale.

They were intimidating - but they're not anymore. Walk along with me and create products for your business while you watch our case study site: we'll build two products (one low-ticket, one high-ticket), create a funnel, write sales copy for both, write emails to launch, and do a complete product launch.

I'll give you homework assignments each week to help you stay on track...

...but let me give you one warning:

You have to DO the work. If you just watch the case study, if you just nod and smile, but you never DO the work, you won't have any products at the end of this case study. If that happens, I don't want you to come and say "hey Kristen, you told me I'd have two products." Because I'll ask you to show me your homework 😉 Believe me, I'm a homeschooling mama - and if you haven't done the work, I don't take the blame 😉

But if you DO watch along with the case study and you DO the homework, you will have to excellent products, sales letters for those products, and a plan to launch them to your audience!

Here's a quick summary of what you'll get as part of the product creation case study:

  • Exactly how to do market research so you'll create a product that solves real pain points for your customers
  • My own secret strategy for market research that almost writes your sales letters and launch copy for you
  • How to create an outline for your product that keeps you on track from start to finish (this will work for a Kindle book, a PDF eBook, an online course, a paid webinar, coaching, membership sites - whatever is right for your business)
  • How to use your outline to write a sales letter so you can sell your product before you ever create it
  • My strategy to research exactly what to put into your product to make it better than anything else on the market
  • A simple process that will help you create future products much faster (I won't lie - your first product will take some work, but this case study is going to walk you through rapid product creation for your future products)
  • The software and equipment you must have to create high-quality products
  • A simple blueprint for completing your first product in 12 days
  • How to choose the right kind of product for your niche and audience (plus when to add coaching and a membership to scale your profits and create residual income)
  • The truth about creating product funnels that really work (product funnels are the key to auto-pilot income that can free you to enjoy your life... and still pay the bills)
  • A simple funnel you'll be ready to deploy by the end of this training
  • How to add affiliate promotions into your funnel so you offer products that are truly valuable to your customer - and give you a big extra payday
  • How to write a sales letter that sells
  • Using your market research to write honest, yet powerful copy
  • How to create an email campaign that builds trust and sells your product
  • Choosing the right launch strategy for your business and your product
  • How to launch to your market in such a way that your subscribers keep loving you 😉

We'll cover all of this and more across the case study. You'll have confidence as you follow along with me, and the weekly homework assignments give you built-in deadlines and accountability. Plus you'll have a live training call every week where you can ask questions, we can give group feedback on your product and/or copy, and more 🙂

I'm planning to start this case study next week, and when you sign up now you'll get in at the lowest price and you'll watch me build two products and launch them, live.

Right now you get the entire case study and week-by-week, actionable course for only $97


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