​​​​How to Use Free Teleconferences to Build Your List, Generate Paying Customers and Jump-Start Your Business

Kristen Burgess

To: Clients of Kristen Burgess
From: Kristen Burgess

Are you struggling to get your online business going?

Trying to juggle all the moving parts - lead generation, product creation, funnel design, membership programs... even just getting somebody to buy a simple product from you?

Do you feel frustrated and burned out because you just can't seem to build traction to get your business to the next level?

Believe me - you are not alone. Trying to figure out all of the moving parts in digital marketing can be like taking a huge puzzle, tossing the pieces outside on a windy day, and throwing the box away. Where do you even start to get that thing back together?

That's what leads many marketers - even those who have a great idea for their business, and even those who have expertise in their market - to give up. They feel like successful online business is a game of chance... and they know the odds of winning the lottery are, frankly, crummy.

But I want to ask you to wait a moment...

...don't stop there in that place of despair.

Internet marketing success isn't about luck. I do think it's about knowing your market and having a meaningful way to connect to that market. But that's not luck.

And if it's not "just luck" that means you can do this.

Hear me out...

What if there were a way you could build your business steadily? Slowly at first, but steadily, gaining momentum. And what if this blueprint gives you what you need to create a little content (for traffic generation)... and gives you topics to send powerful emails (for relationship building)... and literally built a library of products you could sell stand-alone, or packaged as a class, a coaching program, a membership site, or all of the above?

Would that be a place to start?

See - here's the thing. Overwhelm paralyzes. I know the feeling. I know it well. I've been doing internet marketing on niche sites for over a decade and I am not immune to feeling overwhelmed. But a decade in the "school of internet knocks" has also taught me something...




Taking action cures overwhelm. It cures inertia. It moves your business forward.

It takes your business to the next level.


...and this is a big BUT...

...your action needs to be focused. Don't just get on Twitter or Facebook and start making a bunch posts, then say "hey Kristen, I took action, why didn't my business take off?"

That's not focused action. I think you already know that.

(That's why you're overwhelmed.)

You know that checking your email 67 times a day isn't building your business. You know that the 49 tweets haven't done it. And you know that checking Paypal for the 3rd time today (to see nothing in your account) hasn't really helped.

But you don't know what to do.

That's why I've created this training.

You need focus - and you need to focus on something powerful enough to drive your business forward.

Free teleconferences will do that for you. A free training call every week will give you powerful focus - and exponential results.

What I reveal in this powerful training will give you clarity and focus to take your business to the next level:

  • check
    ?Exactly why free training calls will launch your business and help you build incredible traction
  • check
    The 2 pieces of equipment you need (you probably have both already) and why they're all you need to get started (so you can literally finish listening to this training and implement - action is key to building your business)
  • check
    The teleconference services I recommend and why
  • check
    How to prepare notes or an outline for your call so you cover exactly what you need to and get folks asking for more
  • check
    Why you should hold your call live, plus when to open up for questions (hint: I cover how to get questions even if you're worried that folks won't ask questions live)
  • check
    Practical tips for making your call sound professional, even if you've never done this before
  • check
    Why what you do AFTER the call is more important than your training call itself
  • check
    How to use the training material in your calls to effortlessly create products, memberships, coaching programs, and more
  • check
    Exact steps to transition your list from free calls to paying for your products
  • check
    Strategies to build upon the foundation you create (including how to start running paid webinars and classes)

Listen - I'll tell you up front that in the training I issue you a challenge. I'm pricing this training at a can't-miss-it price because I want you to have this information. This is simple (it's not "easy" - I mean, you're going to have to put a little work into the trainings - but it's simple)... this is tried, tested, and true. It will give you lightning focus each week. So I issue you a challenge. You can go through this training and start creating your own weekly trainings. A year from now, you're going to have some 50 trainings recorded.

Or, you could ignore this and keep floundering. A year from now you may have sent 5,000 tweets or read 2,854 marketing emails from "gurus" who want your cash. Maybe you struggled your way through recording half a product.

What do you think you'll do more with? 50 trainings, a membership overflowing with powerful material for your members, a loyal list that can't wait to hear from you this week, a few transcripts of your trainings to post on your blog or use as guest posts... or a record number of tweets sent? Which is going to build your business?

I believe that this powerful method will give you clarity and focus in your business. It's easily worth $237... maybe more... but this training is geared towards helping you launch your business. I want you to get started. I want this year to be your year. So I'm pricing it low enough for entry-level marketers at $17:

P.S. If you have an established business, this training probably isn't for you - go ahead and keep doing what you're doing. I do reveal exactly how I still use this process with a slight tweak in my established authority niche, however - and that little tweak brings in multiple sales every week. Again, if you're solid in your business, you probably don't need this. But if you're curious, have your VA listen and give you a summary - tell her to listen specifically for how I'm using this in my own profitable business today.

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