Use My WAHM Schedule
Planner to Create a Schedule that Gives You Time to Work - and Mother Your Kids

  • Real life work-at-home schedules… these are tested, tried, and true ways to fit everything in
  • Spend time with your kids and get your work done – I created these schedules so I have time to do what matters most – and you can use them in you own life
  • Meet your kids’ needs – and get unbroken blocks of time to focus on your business
  • Find time to recharge your creativity even while you’re juggling work, family, and the house
  • You’ll also receive my blog content marketing planner (so you can stay on top of your business while you’re taking care of your family)

"These are the actual schedules I've used to build a full-time business at home with my family!
Download them and use them in your home business... they work!"

Kristen and Corwin

Kristen Burgess
Founder of and Work-at-Home Mama