Keyword Research Tutorial

Keyword research is important to planning out your website and the pages that you write for your website.  Below you'll find a video that I recorded on how to do keyword research.  Here's my recommendations before you watch the video:

1.  Go ahead and download your Free Trial of Market Samurai, which is the tool I use in the video.  You'll be able to follow right along with me as I demonstrate different tactics.  If you decide to buy the pro version I'm using, you'll get a discount 🙂
2. Please watch in full screen so you can see everything that's going on well!
3. I cover a lot of concepts in this video, so go ahead and pause it if you need to.  Go back to a section that you're interested in or not sure about.  Feel free to follow along with your own keywords as you watch me explore my niche >^.^<

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://milkandmud.s3.amazonaws.com/Keyword%20Research%20HD.mp4″ image=”http://www.milkandmud.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/FirstFrame.png”]

Keyword research is incredibly important to your work online.  You can build a site without paying attention to keywords at all, but targeting keywords helps you to be more focused in your efforts and increases the chance that you'll get good returns with your search engine optimization (SEO).

You saw me find two possible niches in the video — I started with a really broad concept and drilled down to two related, but easier to conquer, keywords.  One of them is suitable for a nice niche site and can use a lot more keyword research to find related phrases to build a site around.  The other is better for a mini-site (which I don't really find worth doing).  But, having the option to explore both is good, and it gives you a handle on your market.

Use your keyword research to find an entire site concept like I demonstrated, then continue to find related keywords to build other pages on your site.  Order these logically into a site that your visitor finds valuable and the search engines will also like your site!  This becomes a great “blueprint” for what you want to do and guides in you in the initial construction of a great website.  It also gives you great ideas for products (yours or affiliate products) to feature on your site.

Thanks for watching!  Be sure to get your free trial of Market Samurai at http://www.milkandmud.com/marketsamurai


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