January 20


Inspiration to Rise Above It All

By Kristen

January 20, 2012

failure, rejection, tenacity

Granted, they're rather small ones, but my response on women and rejection in online business is making waves in the blogging community. I'm going to highlight several resources rising above and overcoming that have come to my attention since I posted that.

It's amazing how you stumble across things related to what you're thinking about:

The Post

Here's my original post in response to Lisa. You can read my thoughts as well as the comments and the thoughts of others. I think it has been a really interesting discussion. There's been some good discussion on Twitter in relation to it, too.

Women and Rejection in Online Business


This slideshow from Entrepreneur.com shows entrepreneurs who have helped shape the modern landscape — and highlights how they failed before they made it. Though you maybe trying to succeed with your army of one, these are still inspiring stories of people who had the grit and persistence to keep on keepin' on:

Iconic – After Failure

Smart Passive… Failures

There are people you look up to. I look up to Pat Flynn. One of the reasons is because he's so transparent – with both success and failure. Here are some failures (and look at where he is… even on top of these):

Pat Fail

Seth Godin (Enough Said)

Because this guy knows just how to say it:

Video Interview with Seth

Facing Rejection and Backlash

This timely article from Problogger covers why most bloggers fail — and what you can do about it. Two of the biggest things highlighted are dealing with criticism and dealing with failure. I think these are the primary things we face in life, at least, the primary things that we'll let defeat us. I'm going to keep going, despite critism (and disapproval, rejection). Are you?

Why Most Bloggers Fail No Matter How Hard They Try

Learn From the Writers

I enjoy many of the articles from Under30CEO (though I have no desire to be a CEO!). This one is great because it highlights what you can learn from a journalist. One thing they have to deal with a lot is developing inner confidence and persevering even when they're facing harsh backlash:

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Journalists

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