How to Use a Mind Map to Create Passive Income Strategies

Mind maps are a fantastic tool to use in your online business.  I use them extensively and love them (despite the fact that my husband teases me every time I open one up).

They're really useful for planning out strategies for passive income in your business, planning content, and keeping everything straight in your life.

I'm going to show you how I use them in just about every aspect of planning my business — and more importantly, how I use them to keep myself taking massive action so I see the results of my planning.

Check out the video to see some mind mapping in action ūüôā

As you can see, I have a variety of maps. ¬†You can use any mind mapping application you choose — Freemind is a great open-source solution to use on the computer. ¬†I love iThoughtsHD on my iPad, though, and I use it almost exclusively now.

To recap, here are a few ways it can benefit your business:

Structure a New Niche Site:

Creating an organized structure for a niche site is a good idea. ¬†You can use a mind map to explore logical structure and organize your keywords. ¬†This is fantastic for you — or send the map off to a VA to create the content once you've done the keyword research.

Plan a Marketing Funnel:

Funnels are a great way to monetize your site. ¬†They're especially powerful in the context of an email list. ¬†I'll admit that this has been one of the most perplexing part of developing passive income for me, though. ¬†How do I go from the “front-end” of my website to a more lucrative and continuous “back-end”? ¬†Mind mapping helps you pull together lessons from others to create an outline of your own strategy.

Outline an Article

I'll admit I don't usually outline my content.  I've been writing constantly for the past five years and I can usually get my articles done without one.  But sometimes I encounter an article that's tough to write.  For instance, I want to create a Getting Started page for Milk and Mud, but I've been overwhelmed by what I should put on it and how I should organize it.

I've done a mind map of some things I'd like to cover.  The map makes it easy to reorganize and move things around, too.  You can do this with all of your articles or just with those that are challenging.

Outline Your Product

This is the above step, taken even further.  Do you have a product you want to develop? Here's the perfect place to do it.

Use the mind map to put all of your main topics down in nodes.  Then plan out subtopics for each main topic.  Feel free to re-order and re-organize at will.

This gives you the chance to create your product in parts — you don't even have to do it in order! ¬†Sometimes this is really helpful if you're stumbling over a certain section.

Take Notes

You probably consume tons of information products over the course of a year.  Most of us in the passive income / internet marketing / blogging niches like reading other people's products about our niches!  But what good is a product if you just read it and do nothing?

Use a mind map to create action points for each section or chapter you read. ¬†When you're done with the chapter, go back and start implementing what you've learned — immediately. ¬†Use your map to put the action points into a logical order and keep track of what you've done and the results you've gotten.

If you're taking action on an article you've written online you can usually create a hyperlink right from your mind map node to the article ūüėÄ

Track Your Goals

I use mind mapping to track my goals. ¬†It's similar to taking notes above — you can define each goals and the action steps you want to take related to that goal.

I like iThoughtsHD because you can add dates to the goals, keep track of how far you've progressed, check off those steps that are completed, etc.  I also like all of the icons and color coding.  Many mapping applications have features like these and it's good to explore them.

Do you use mind maps in your business?


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