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How to Stay Healthy Enough to Enjoy Your Passive Income

By Kristen

January 21, 2012

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Working at home is a great thing, but sometimes your health is forgotten while you're working. It's easy for an entrepreneur like you to forget about your own health while you get wrapped up in the excitement of working on projects and creating passive income for yourself and your family.

This is one area that I have struggled with — it's easy for me to get wrapped up in staring at the computer screen for hours and hours. When I get up I typically feel sore and often exhausted. It may be a good exhaustion, but I don't feel good later when I realize all I did was stare at a screen.

Here are some suggestions to keep you looking and feeling your best while you're building an online business. You want to be fit financially — and physically.

Research Nutrition

There's too much for me to go into in one simple article, but you need to do your research on nutrition. Let me give it to you straight: the government is wrong about what “balanced nutrition” is. You weren't designed to eat massive amounts of carbohydrate every day and plants are probably not your friend if that's all you're eating.

You need to do some real research on nutrition and pick something that works for you. Then make it your lifestyle to eat that way. I'll give you some food for the search engines – look up “paleo” and “primal” eating… and read the research. You can also check out Sugar Free Sheila for some inspiration.

Stand and Deliver

Here's my desk in "sitting mode"

Sitting in front of your desk all day is not helpful. But believe me, I know that when you're working hard on a project that's where you want to be. Often the words just flow, pouring out like water, and you want to be there to catch them when you reach that blissful place.

So stand up and type them. Scott recently got me a little rolling podium / laptop desk. It's great. It holds all of my teacher books for homeschooling, and my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard (or my netbook) fit perfectly on top. I can adjust it so that I can stand and type.

The words get captured and my body gets a break from sitting. It's perfect. I often write on my iPad then later format and doing heavier coding tasks on my dual-screen desktop. The podium works so well for letting me alternate how I'm doing something. Best of all? It was less than $60 in investment for me 🙂

Get or make a standing desk to vary your work. Or look into one of the desks that's attached to a treadmill or small exercise bike for even more of a workout while you work 😉

Take Real Breaks

Extended to Standing Mode!
It's good to alternate standing and sitting while you're working, but you should take genuine breaks in your workday, too.

When you've been working for awhile you should get up and take a break. I'm not going to tell you how often you should do this. If you've been writing solid for 2 hours and the work is still phenomenal I don't want to tell you that you must break that zone. But when you get to a natural break point, take a break!

If you're stopping to look at your email, check Facebook or Twitter, etc… that's a good time to take a break.

Go take a walk around the block. Or spend a little time making a good meal or snack. Put some laundry in the wash, sweep the floor, or do some other kind of a physical task.

Last week my kids were sick, which meant they spent time watching nature documentaries and I had more time to write than I usually do. I found that I actually relished the time I was in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up the kitchen after because it was a nice break where I was physically moving around.

Make Time for Movement and Relaxation

You should go above and beyond standing desks and regular breaks; have some time in your schedule where you can really move. Simple body weight exercises or a basic strength training routine are great. Take a hike once or twice a week. These will keep your body strong and fit. You'll feel better and be more productive.

Picking up the weights or taking a hike will give your mind time to wander, too… which often brings new insights or ideas flooding in.

Take time to relax, too. I'm not going to tell you how to relax. You know how you enjoy kicking back and taking a break – I like to read a book or do things like build a computer or play with the newest Linux distro (yes, I am a geek). I also like taking hikes with my family. You do what helps you relax and connect with your family. But make sure you do it.

What are you doing to take care of yourself and keep yourself at the top of your game?

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