How to Set Up an Aweber Email List (Video)

Today I'm going to show you a video of how quick and easy it is to set up an Aweber list.

I use Aweber for my mailing lists and I've almost always been pleased with them.  The only issue I've ever had was with building web forms and HTML emails.  Their editors are a little clunky… but really they've done a good job with them.  WISYWIG (“what you see is what you get”) editors aren't always easy, especially when it comes to email.  So I think they've done fairly well — but it does annoy me from time to time!

Other than that, though, Aweber is great.  I really like that I can keep all the mailing lists for all of my websites together in one account.  Only having to manage one autoresponder account makes my life easier.

Today I need to set up a sublist for a product launch I have coming, so I wanted to walk you through it.

Before You Start

I recommend you have a few things ready in a text editor before you start your own list.  This makes putting your list together go much more quickly.  Think about these things before you set up the list and you'll be golden!

Initial Setup

Your list name: what do you want to call this list?  This is mostly only seen by you (it can be seen on the subscriber preferences for your subscriber, but most people don't go to that screen).  It has to be unique among all lists on Aweber, not just yours.

Your list description: this is just for you – your subscribers don't see it

“From” Name and Address: This is the name that will display in the sender line of your subscriber's email inbox.  The address is the email address that will show up.  For instance, the Milkshake newsletter shows up as “Kristen Burgess kristen @ milkandmud . com”

Contact address: This is your physical mailing address (or that of your business) — you must have a valid mailing address in your emails!

Notification email:  If you want to be notified each time someone joins your list (for instance, if you welcome each new subscriber), fill your info into this section.  Otherwise, leave it blank.

Company Branding:  Fill this out with information about your website or company – Name, URL, and an Email signature if you'd like one.

Confirmation Message:  Aweber is a Double Opt-In service, meaning your subscriber will get an email confirming he or she wants to subscribe.  This is your chance to edit that email.  You only get a limited number of characters, so keep it to a few sentences asking your subscriber to confirm their interest.  You can also edit the subject line, but it should still say something about the fact they need to confirm their subscription.  If you change it you'll need to wait on Aweber to approve the changed line (usually within 24 hours).

Confirmation Success Page: This is the page your subscriber is directed to after they click the confirmation link.  If you're offering an incentive to get them to sign up, this is where you put the link to the page they can download or access it.

Your Web Form

Next you'll want to get  a web form set up so you can collect subscriber information.  You'll be able to play with the WYSIWIG editor and templates for this to find one you like.  Here are a couple of things to think about:

Your Form Name:  I suggest you use lots of forms (they can all be the same design) to test sign-ups in different places.  For instance, I use a different form for leads I get from article marketing… so I can track how many leads I'm getting from article marketing!  Think of a descriptive name.  Example “Article Bio Box Link” – this lets you know they're getting to this form when they click a link in your article's bio box.

Subscribed Page:  You can leave this at the default and your subscriber will get the famous Aweber “your confirmation email is on the way” page.  Or you can create a page on your site to direct your visitor to.  You'll paste that link into the second step of the form if you do that.  This would be a good way to direct your visitor to a sales letter, video, or some other special content.

Your Follow-Up

I'll talk more about this in the video, but if you are giving your subscriber a bonus for signing up for your list, have the URL of the page you'll be directing them to get their bonus handy.  When you create your follow-up message thanking them for confirming, you should include that link again, in case they didn't get it after they opted in.

The Video

Here's the video where I go over these steps!  As you can see, it's quick and easy to set up a mailing list with Aweber!

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

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