March 19


How to Get Free Pics for Your Blog Posts

By Kristen

March 19, 2012

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Do you use pictures in your blog posts? You should – pictures capture attention immediately and help draw your reader into your subject matter. The problem is getting the pictures. Stock photos are great quality, but can quickly get very, very expensive, especially if you're producing a lot of content.

I recently discovered a great resource for photos, however, that doesn't cost any money. You just need to credit the photographer for his or her work. There's an almost infinite pool of photos to choose from, and you can search the pictures by keywords, concepts, and ideas.

Here's a quick video showing you how to use this resource:

I still use stock photos for graphics work and on pages (like sales letters, squeeze pages, etc) that I don't want to have to link back to someone. But for most blog posts I have found this to be an excellent resource!

What's your favorite resource for finding pictures?


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  1. Another site where you can get free images for your blog is
    You don’t even have to attribute!

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