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How to Ditch Regret and Finally Start Taking Action

By Kristen

March 14, 2012

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Everyone tells you to do something different. You're on a dozen different marketing lists, read a few different forums, and you have a few books floating around the house. Wait, don't tell me — you also have that big-ticket internet business course you bought. With so much information your biggest tendency is just to shut down… not do anything at all.

Think about that for a minute, though. If you sit down today and do nothing but say “there's too much to do here,” how will you feel tomorrow? How will you feel next month?

You can make all the excuses you want, but time still passes. The minutes, hours, and days tick away. Soon an afternoon off “to process” things becomes a day, two days, three days, a week, a month… and you're still at the same place that you started from. A load of information, and no business to show for it.


I think one of the biggest regrets I have is not pushing myself to do certain things. I regret not pushing myself to work on products last year, even though I bought a course on how to put out quality products with less work. It was a great course, and had structured goals. If I had followed through with those assignments and goals, I've have 10-20 products right now! Instead, I don't. I got one product done over the course of that course!

Guess what? That product hasn't been my rock star. The instructor clearly stated that you weren't going to be buying a new car with every product… but that if you put several quality products out there, you're probably going to get at least one that does well. And you're going to discover a lot about creating and marketing products. Those lessons would have made it much more likely that future products were winners.

I could say this about so many more things! I've been puttering my way through a Facebook course — if I had finished it and implemented action steps within two weeks of getting it, I'd be a lot further than I am now!

I'll bet you can think of at least one strategy, course, etc. that you've failed to do anything with.

No Regrets!

Okay, so now I've made you feel bad thinking about your lost time (maybe years!) — but now I want you to give up the regrets. That's right, let them go! Regret can paralyze you as much as information overload! Don't dwell on what you did in the past. Change what you do today.

So what if you blew it last year? So what if I blew it!

I've created two products and I'm a good part of the way through a third one this year. I'm taking action. It hasn't been as fast as I'd like, but I'm doing it. I've got outlines done for several more products across two niches and I'm dedicated to getting them out there. I'm not looking back on lost time because, well, it's lost. I blew it. But I can still crush it now. I intend to.

Look over what you've got on your plate. Pick one thing to focus on. Pick one course, or one book. Get in there and dig into it. Really work with it. Take action.

Don't let your past failures bog you down. Many men and women have failed and then come back, rising farther than they ever thought they could. I like the thought that our failures are simply seeds for our success (I believe it comes from Napoleon Hill).

And if you try really hard and whatever you do really bites, just keep going. It's just like my instructor said in my product creation course — not every product is going to be a rock star. Not everything you try will pan out. You have to keep trying, keep discovering.

When something works, hit it with all you've got. Then go ahead and learn something else. Make something else work, too. Build an empire of success.

Time to Fly

The time is going to fly no matter what. A month from now your month will still be gone! You can sit around and watch television or read magazines… or you can take something and take action on it.

The time will be gone. Will you look back with regret that you didn't take action? Or will you know that you're well on your way to making your life what you want? How will you take action today?

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