Great Resources for Creating Great Content

You probably realize that a key to having a great website is having great content on your site.  After all, there has to be something that people are interested in!

I got my start online with a Site Build It! site (I now have two, read more on my About Kristen page) and SBI! really emphasizes great content on your sites.  I've learned a lot from those sites over the past few years, and I'm always hoping to discover more on writing engaging pages and posts.

I've pulled together a “Cream of the Crop” group of articles on writing great content for you below… as I've researched to find out the best way to write for a blog, I've realized the princples are very similar to what I did for my static site.  Check out these great posts for more.

How Bloggers Can Create Pillar Articles

There are two parts to this series, and it does a great job of explaining why you need “pillar content” on your blog.  You also get to know exactly what kind of content becomes pillar, or core as I've always called it, content.

Part one goes over the what and the why, as well as where to look to find the topics that you need to turn into pillar content.

What, Why, and How to Find It: Pillar Content

Part two is a detailed tutorial on how to write and promote your pillar articles!  This is a really comprehensive two-pack from Paul.

How to Write and Promote Pillar Articles

The Content Pyramid

I love this post!  This is a great, great way to illustrate the distribution of content on a blog.  Pyramids suit website content much better than they do food 😉  There are lots of examples built into this post, so you understand what kind of content to post and exactly what that content entails.

Go Read About the Content Pyramid!

Writing a Series

If you're hoping to launch a specific series on your blog, this oldie but goodie from Problogger will help you design and execute it well.

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Series on Your Blog

How Long Should it Be?

Yeah, I'm biased.  I like this post from Viperchill, which really explores blog post length and how the top blogs rate as far as average post length goes.

Why do I like it?  It's because it goes a long way towards dispelling the belief that you have to write short posts to build a popular blog.  Of course, I'm a really long-winded person, so this is a relief to me 😉  Check it out:

How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

Netwriting Masters

Like I said, my two successful niche sites are built on Site Built It!, so I've been enjoying those resources for years… and they've made me a lot of money.  This is their Netwriting course.  It shows you how to write your pages and posts to build relationship with your visitor.  This increases the popularity of your site… and your chances of making sales and commissions, which is, in the end, important 😉

Netwriting Masters Course

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