Day Twenty Two

It's good to go to sleep at night that you really accomplished something in a day, and tonight I will certainly go to bed with that feeling. I completed Brandy Mychal's 7 Day Blogging Challenge and that feels really great to me.

I decided to do it, planned for it, and I went through to completion. That's awesome for me. It's also exciting to me because I have another challenge lined up for the next couple of weeks and I'm eager to see that one through, too. Both of these things help me to network and move a little out of my comfort zone, which can only help my blog grow 🙂

Getting in contact with others to build my brand is something that I've always found challenging. It's hard on my other sites, too. I'd like to help myself grow beyond that via this site and use it to build my other sites up, too.

Here's what I got done today:

  • Listened to some podcasts and some info on podcasting (still feeling really drawn to that, but not ready to jump in)
  • Wrote Profitable Keyword vs Passion: Which is More Important?
  • Completed Brandy Mychal's 7 Day Challenge!
  • Studied some about studying my market :p
  • Finished the Seth Godin book I've been reading
  • Started preparing for my case study 😉

I also went back over my 2012 goals. It's said that most people have quit their New Year's Resolutions by this point in the year — I don't want that to be me. I'm seriously evaluating and thinking about where I want to go with things: what I want to do, where I want to excel… but I'm not giving up here.

I really want to finish my content review and kick NBBC back up to the rankings it dropped from, and I know I can do that. I want it to be the go-to resource in its niche. I also want to work with GP, but that will come later in the year. And here I want to have fun and explore, but in a productive way that helps boost my business all around.

Personally and physically I still have a lot to do to reach my goals — I want to lose the last of my baby weight from Honor, and I want to get to where I have a bit more energy during the day. I also have some goals with the kids and their schooling that I really want to see come through.

But it's good to go back over my goals and know that I'm maintaining a nice momentum. Now I'm also trying to think strategically and think towards excellence — being the best of the best — as Seth's book encouraged.

One thing I need to try and do is be less long-winded 😉 Goodnight!

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