Day Three

Do you ever get the feeling that you're getting nothing done? I get that feeling a lot. It gets worse as the week wears on because my to-do list stays full. I keep my list at around 25 items and, well, there are about 25 items on it every day. Sometimes they're new ones, but a lot them are the same items that I just haven't gotten to yet. It can get frustrating.

The reality is that I'm a wife and a homeschooling mother and those things come first, before business tasks. So I don't get as much “work” done as I'd like to.

But I've decided that this year, I'm not going to get overwhelmed. The person I want to be just deals with the overflowing inboxes and the task list. So I sat down tonight and just processed those things calmly (I use Michael Linenberger's system, which I will detail in a future post — it's good to manage your email and tasks).

So anyways, I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, but meet my challenge, I did. Here's what I did today on the challenge:

  • I revamped the homepage of Milk and Mud (I'd still kind of like to get a picture up there, but I'm not sure what would work well)
  • I sent out my newly named newsletter, the Milkshake
  • My article (written yesterday) posted: Mastering Social Media: One at a Time
  • In relation to that article, I decided on a Facebook resource to study
  • I kept up with Twitter fairly well, and earned a ReTweet. Sifted through RSS as well.
  • I also decided I'm going to do some light article marketing for Milk and Mud, but didn't write any articles.

So I did get my major goal done today, which was to revamp the homepage. I would like to see more getting done, but I worked on my other sites, too, so that's accomplishment. I also took a walk, got some good exercise, homeschooled the kiddos, and worked for around 20 minutes on my ongoing organization project. Not too shabby of a day.

Oh, and I sang. A lot. That's one of my goals for the year 🙂

On to Day Four!

What's this “Day” thing all about?

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