Day Thirty One

Here I am at the end of January feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit excited, and a bit unsure of things.

I feel like I've gotten so much done this month, but at the same time, I haven't gotten done everything I wanted to. A big part of that is that I still haven't finished the refresh of my content on NBBC and GP. I really have other projects I want to move on to, but that is a big stumbling block.

One of the issues is that I really can't do it that well out front and I want to be with the family. I did, however, load up all of my coding stuff on my netbook. It will be harder to do on the small screen, but I think this weekend I'm going to take it out front and just work out front. If I can finish that up I will feel a lot freer to work on other things.

I have drawn up a blueprint for what I want to do to build a list for my new niche site, as well as the first component of that marketing plan. If that goes well I will be able to scale it to my other sites. It's going to take a lot of intense effort at first.

[quote type=”center”] Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. [/quote]

I keep reminding myself of that. The days, weeks, and months are going to slip away anyhow. I may as well do the work that needs to be done.

Getting a Handle on Things

One thing I did was write down all of my current projects in two seperate lists, one for business and one for household. I have a bunch of projects going at a time! Sometimes looking at my task list's listing of “next actions” leaves me wondering exactly where I'm going. The top-level view of my project list, all in one place (not assorted mindmaps) was a helpful thing to look at.

Right now I'm going to commit to getting through the content refresh… that's going to be basically my sole focus (I am going to work on a household task and keep up my normal family schedule, though). Essentially this should get me over that hump and I can then pick the next project to plow through.

Yesterday was tough but went well because I committed to get through one thing that I knew I could get done. So for the rest of this week I'm just going to commit to me and that content that needs to be taken care of.

I will probably write another couple of articles and work here and there on the new niche site… Taking a break and writing an article helps clear my mind. But no backlinking, no article marketing, no working on other big projects or nagging problems. That will wait. And I will feel much, much better if I just do the work and get this done… so I can do the work and really see my business take off again.

Oh, and today, by the way, I did write the next article in my niche building series 🙂

Why WordPress Sucks for Niche Sites (And What To Do About It)

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