Day Thirty Four

I really wanted to write more tonight about my thoughts and plans and how things are going overall, but again I'm really tired.  My dear hubby has already gone up to bed and I just want to join him.  I'm too tired to even read.  We have a very busy day tomorrow so I need to wind down.

Today was frustrating in some ways – I wanted to embed a video without using Youtube and it was just a massive pain to get it finally uploaded to NBBC.  But the video came out pretty nicely, I shot it from my iPhone 🙂  But other than that frustration, today was really a massively productive day.  I got several content pages refreshed on my niche sites, though I'm not being as dedicated to that as I said I would be.  For this site I:

  • Designed a branded background for videos 🙂  It looks nice, I think!
  • Got all visuals for a video done, just need to do the voice-over
  • Added content to my nice site (I didn't mention it yesterday, but I got an opt-in box on the niche site to collect leads)
  • Made my first affiliate sale for this site!!  It came from my Keyword Research Tutorial – check it out!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to write more about plans going into the rest of February, but like I said, tomorrow is big so maybe not.  We'll see 🙂

Photo by kirstyhall


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