Day Thirty Eight

So here I sit, on the couch, because Honor won't go to sleep.  She's swinging away in her baby swing, but if I leave the room she screams.  Usually I nurse her, put her in the swing, and she's happily swinging in dreamland until I go to bed and carry her upstairs.  Tonight, though, our routine was changed due to other kid issues and so she is awake and my entire to-do list is derailed.

Such is the life of a parent.  I try to remind myself on nights like these, which are hard, that what I really want most in life is to raise up good kids who work hard, love their family, and love God.  So tough days and tough nights are really a blessing.  They give me the chance to help shape my kids into the people I want to see them become.  I know that, ultimately, they decide who they become, but I am also very aware that I have a large and privileged part in helping them become that.  I want to do a good job.

 So here I am, slugging it out with my iPad.  I'm going to try and get this post up, then schedule a couple of posts for this site and NBBC because I can do it on here… That will leave me with less to think about tomorrow, which is a good thing since I can't do what I'd planned to tonight.

  • Today is kind of a blur, but today I:
  • Finished my coaching class listening homework
  • Drew up the gameplan to get my first two products for the niche site done
  • Added one page of content to the niche site
  • Wrote out part of my backlinking strategy (hopefully will be ready for a go with that in a few days)
  • Edited the spreadsheet for that
  • Wrote about Static Sites vs. Blogs
  • Sent out an issue of the Milkshake
  • Wrote a couple of articles for submission (for the niche site)

I probably did even more than that but it's all a blur now that I'm getting tired.  More tomorrow, and hopefully I will get some things done.

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