Day Sixteen

We are halfway through January.  Can you believe it?  I'm still feeling awesome and I know this is going to last.  I have so many ideas pinging around in my head it's enough to drive a gal mad.  Of course, my husband frequently reminds me I don't have all that far to go…

Anyways, today I posted my first entry for a 7 day blogging challenge.  Yeah!  I'm proud of myself for not only planning to take part in the challenge, but working hard to get off my duff and actually do it!  And I think I came out with a great post to start with, too.

Back to being productive now that we're in the week proper and not just the dreamy weekend 🙂  So here are my accomplishments:

  • I wrote A Market Research Shortcut to Mine Your Niche
  • Submitted it to Brandy Mychals' 7 Day Blogging Challenge
  • Kept up with Twitter
  • Actually got started on JustRetweet, which is a win-win since I already retweet many of those bloggers
  • Wrote an article for directory submission
  • Contacted Google about figuring out how to get my Feedburner feed on my current account (now waiting game 🙁 )
  • Mindmapped out a Getting Started page as I've seen suggested by several different bloggers… hopefully will get the first draft of that written tomorrow

Yeah!  I feel good about what I got done today.

I also got some things done for my other websites.  That's really imporant because I feel like I lose momentum on them when I'm doing something tedious (this content refresh) – but I got a page on my big site done today and I'm hoping to do 2-3 pages tomorrow.  I hit a roadblock with my other site and I have to think through what I want to do with it… but then I hope to really move with that one.  I've only got a couple of weeks left in this month and my goal was to be done with this by the end of the month.  Maybe this weekend I can make a big push forward since there's nothing much going on…

I got some social media buttons up on one of my sites and I've been wanting to do that for ages.  I also cleaned up the sidebars a lot.

I also played with a new app that lets us use a Windows desktop hosted in the cloud — this is great for Scott and I because he's my proofreader, and it lets him work on proofreading even when he's out front in the living room 🙂  I'm hoping that I will get more syndication articles written and we will get the submissions proofed and submitted more regularly with this development.

Okay, I've been abandoned downstairs, so I need to wrap up and head upstairs to my needy baby and warm hubby 🙂

More for the blogging challenge tomorrow!  Hurray!

Photo by Mykl Roventine


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