Day Seventeen

I've decided (again) that at this point in life, I'm just going to be exhausted. Tonight I'm exhausted, but happy. That's good because today was an incredibly frustrating day. I have two really sick kids. One is smart and slept, the other I repeatedly had to tell to go sit down. Then I had two kids who weren't sick but were manic (and will probably soon be sick). And one baby who is always a handful.

At least they could all be sick, sleep, and let me work! Today I wished I had a mother's helper to come around 🙂

But this afternoon I was able to make some significant progress on refreshing the content on NBBC, which made me very happy. I feel like I've just been spinning my wheels and procrastinating on it… so doing it was good. I think tomorrow I'm going to try and work on it more since I doubt we'll do schooling. I just need to find a way to keep kids who aren't in bed occupied in the office somewhat calmly (heh).

As for Milk and Mud, today was Day Two of the blogging challenge I'm taking part in, and I got a good post up for that. Here's the accomplishment run-down:

  • Wrote up Why is SEO Important?
  • Added JustRetweet into my social media workflow – that went well
  • Processed my emails (finally, thanks to my sweet hubby giving me a good idea)
  • Tested an app for a video idea I have (look for that coming soon!)

I had hoped to get more done with article marketing and writing some of the pages I still need to get done for the site, but that didn't happen. I know that some things will take time, and I have time to work on this. Success isn't an overnight thing and I'm willing to build over the long haul. I'm happy to see my twenty or so unique visitors every day, and get a few comments trickling in 🙂

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully with more writing, TONS more editing on NBBC, and maybe getting some email sequence stuff done. We'll see how smoothly things go with kids, food, and holding down the fort while I try and do this sans mother's helper 😉

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