April 19


Day One Hundred and Ten

By Kristen

April 19, 2012

Today was a gang-buster kind of day. I worked seriously hard and got a lot done. I wrote 8 articles, which is no small feat! I also got a lot out on the social media networks… now I just need to keep all of that caught up!

I checked a lot of schoolwork and shepherded kids through some problem areas. Two kids finished up some books, so one of them is completely done for the year. The other still has math and such, and my 4th grader still has a lot to do. She's making progress, though. I'm trying to remember to be patient with it all, and not push too hard.

I also made a little video on how to start a Blogger blog and get a good number of posts into it. I'm hoping to have my VA create some tightly-niched little Blogger blogs for generating some leads and maybe getting some backlinks.

There was a great coaching call today, too. My coach made a suggestion of just having one thing on the “high priority” list, which seemed like a really great idea to me. He said focus on getting that one, most important thing done, then move on to the list of everything else. I'll try that tomorrow and see how it works for me.

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