April 15


Day One Hundred and Six

By Kristen

April 15, 2012

Today, being Sunday, was mostly a day to relax and enjoy the day. I can't say how relaxed I felt. I looked at real estate stuff and told myself I'm not going to spend countless hours pouring over listings this coming week like I did last week after finding out our bid wasn't accepted. I did spend some time making out floor plans in a floor planning software. That's probably a waste of time as we most likely won't build… but it's kind of fun and I suppose an OK way to waste time on a Sunday.

I'm getting some books finished up, which is a good thing. Reading business and personal finance books is always something that makes me think… about what I want to be, how I want to do things. It's very interesting to look at where we are right now, where my business is right now, etc.

I want to make sure that we're using our money wisely, and that when my business really takes off, it's funding the right things.

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