April 20


Day One Hundred and Eleven

By Kristen

April 20, 2012

Today was a good day. I set aside 10% of my business income to tithe in some fashion — donating it to charity, church, etc. So the kids and I hit Sam's club and got a bunch of stuff needed by Munson Manor, which is like the Ronald McDonald house for our local hospital. We then dropped everything off at Munson Manor. The kids really enjoyed it and seemed genuinely excited. I want them to be excited by helping others.

I love the thought of using my money (or time) to help others out. I don't care for the thought of letting the government do it, though. I don't like the thought of feeling forced to give to X, Y, or Z because we're “supposed to.” So I want to teach the kids to enjoy helping someone out, but I also want them to see the joy of us choosing who to help, like Munson Manor. Those things will help give comfort to someone who has a loved one in the hospital. I like that idea.

I got a lot of writing done today, too.

And, OH! My coach's suggestion for the “one high priority” worked pretty well. I set that last night and started working first thing this morning. My task was the outline for NBBC's product, so I set myself to it and got it done, yay!

I'm going to use this tactic to make sure I'm really getting things done. The next task? Getting my Roth IRA set up. For some reason that terrifies me… but I know that I'll be relieved once it's set up and the money is just going in automatically.

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to be doing a lot of work getting the house cleaned up and organized. I think I'll feel a lot better once we've made some strong progress there 🙂

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  1. I would love to hear more about the Roth IRA. it’s on my list too, but is not getting done because I’m not really sure just how to do it!

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