Day Forty Six

I had to send my iPad away today to have the crack in the screen repaired. I'm so sad 🙁 My sweet hubby went across town to drop it off at the FedEx depot so it will get to the repair center faster, though. I hope to see it again early next week…

Our house looks totally different today because the contractors were really in here working. It's kind of bizarre to see much change in such a short time after living with it a mess for so long 😉

Today was not quite as productive as yesterday, but still got quite a bit done.

  • I wrote The Dirty Work Behind Getting a Product Launched – it's a lot of work to get a product going and it's not quite as glamorous as it may seem :p
  • I got the Facebook page for Milk and Mud started – finally! It's not live yet, but a lot closer to hitting that point. Tomorrow or Friday…
  • I attended a webinar on the buying habits of one of my niche demographics and got some good ideas from that
  • Loaded the next email into the niche site's autoresponder.
  • Added a new article to the niche site itself and cleaned up the homepage a little bit
  • Worked on the next product in the niche site's funnel

Tomorrow I need to get more loaded onto the niche site and I also really need to get some articles going for it. I'm getting a trickle of traffic onto the list from articles already posted, so that works well. As I've mentioned before, I get a very high opt-in rate from article marketing leads.

I'd like to get more uploaded on the niche site and get the next funnel product finished this week so that next week I can begin the backlinking and go back to working on the content refresh for my other niche sites.

It's kind of exciting to see things really happening and look ahead to what I'll be doing in the future. I'd also still like to complete some of the “backlog” – but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

Photo by kirstyhall


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