Day Forty Four

Weird but good day.

Today we got the front room / dining room cleaned out because the crews come in tomorrow to renovate.  It's kind of creepy and cavernous right now, but makes me happy for a couple of reasons.  First, it makes me think of when it will be that empty because we'll be moving out (*happy, happy*)… secondly, I'm grateful for all the decluttering work I did upstairs, because there's room to move all the stuff from downstairs up there while the renovation is happening.

Today I also got a lot done for the niche site project:

  • Installed the shopping cart stuff on the niche site (I use Synergyx for my sites/affiliate programs)
  • Got the second draft of the sales letter done
  • Finished almost all of the formatting for the transcript

I have a few odds and ends to finish up with the audio and the ebook part of the product, but it is essentially done.  I also need to get a couple of things set up in the shopping cart… but again, small tasks.  The big thing tomorrow is to get the email sequence done.  Since I was hoping to have the product “go” tomorrow, I'm a little behind, but really I am feeling good about it overall.  I'm really pleased with how nice it looks 🙂  Maybe I'm the only one that matters to but, I'm happy.

I also got a blog post put up on this blog.  My goal is to practice getting “shorter” posts out on Mondays and I think I did pretty well today.  Here's the post about cracking writer's block!

And today I did some lifting… pitiful weight amounts, but if I keep lifting maybe Scott will go down and get the weights and find the missing lock for our barbell and I can do something more.  But wow, this afternoon's little workout almost wiped me out… I may have some berries and cream before or after the next one, to see if that helps me not feel quite so slammed.  It was a good thing, though, the slammed feeling.  Now I need to keep it up.  Feel free to keep me accountable!  My goal is to be able to deadlift Scott :p

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