Day Fifty One

Today was a productive day for Milk and Mud as well as for some of my niche sites.

It wasn't as great a day family-wise, with me really loosing my cool over kids and unfinished chores. It's hard with everything so cluttered right now (even more cluttered than usual), but really, it's not all that tough to pick up after yourself!!

Anyways, some days are definitely harder than others and today was one of those days. The afternoon went well, though. I essentially let the big kids play outside all afternoon and let the littles nap. That gave me some time to myself and was very energizing.

I also did some lifting this afternoon, adding a little weight onto the bar and doing my 5×5 routine of squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. That was also really energizing. I've been keeping a food diary this week too (thanks to a handy app) and I'm pleased to see that our nutrient ratios are quite good.

I hope to keep eating well, probably working to consciously add in more calories now that I'm lifting. I'm really enjoying that and I hope to be able to add progressively more weight. I'll need Scott's help as I do that, though, since we don't have the right equipment for me to handle heavy bars by myself.

Anyways, enough about life stuff.

The site. Today I:

  • Got a blog post written: Is It All Just Luck?
  • Got up a page of core content on Affiliate Marketing (does it really work?)
  • Wrote up an email for the autoresponder series (and also one for NBBC)
  • Refreshed several pages each on NBBC and GP
  • I also reviewed the backlinking strategy and created some procedure documents… and decided where to start tomorrow 🙂

I had a few things I didn't get done that I wanted to… I didn't get any content added to the niche site, though I worked on quite a bit. It's not done yet. I'll work on that a little bit more before bed. I also didn't work anymore on my Facebook course and I need to prioritize that. I also need to work on getting the second product for the niche site done… several steps for that, so I will probably work on that first thing tomorrow.

It felt good to focus on content today, though 🙂

More tomorrow.

Photo by Lachlan Hardy



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