Day Eleven

I feel like I might get a little bit repetative with these updates because, really, I guess it ends up being a lot alike.  But this is my challenge and I really want to keep myself accountable — these evening reports help me do that.  They also let me reflect on what I've done.

So first, today's accomplishments:

  • My post on How to Set Up Your Aweber List went live
  • I left a couple of blog comments
  • I kept up with Twitter
  • I did some niche research on Facebook (found a page in one of my niches that's very active… going to watch it over the next few days)
  • I reworked the masthead/header design for Milk and Mud (what do you think?) – I'm planning to put something up there on the right… just haven't decided what, yet.
  • Oh, I got an email subscriber!  That's a start, right?
  • I wrote an article for article marketing that came out really nicely, so I'm actually going to use it on here.  Look for a couple of new static pages up soon.
  • I wrote most of a post for tomorrow, which hopefully I'll finish up and get live tomorrow 🙂

I got some articles written for my niche sites, too, which is always a good thing.  I spend so much of my time writing, writing, writing!

I also did some more major reorganizing of my files and folders on the computer, and will continue that over the next couple of days.  Hopefully I will get things completely streamlined soon.

I've decided that I may do a complete case study on a smaller niche site that's related to the product I have coming out for my bigger niche site.  Does that make sense?  The product is for a small sub-set of the niche and I'm thinking of setting a little site up just for it to do a case study on traffic generation for this site.   I know, I'm talking in circles, but hopefully you get me 🙂

The content refresh of my other two sites is still going on, so I probably won't dig into much else until that's done (except writing here, because I'm really enjoying it).  But I'm already thinking ahead about what I can do to boost those sites and expand my business this year.  2010 ended badly for me, and 2011 started badly.  I feel like it ended well but I was nowhere near where I want to be income-wise, so I'm working to change that.

I haven't been singing as much as I should this week — I did last week and it make a big difference in my attitude.  I need to get back to the songs!  More coming tomorrow, as I hit challenge day 12 of 2012!

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