October 10


Creating a Coaching Program

By Kristen

October 10, 2012

Writing for this blog has been a struggle. I've gotten back to a fairly regular publication schedule with my other sites, but this one has been tougher. I have a series that I want to write, but my heart just isn't in it yet. I'm not quite ready for it!

It hit me this week that I should just write from where I'm at right now, and I'll get back to that series in a few weeks. I wrote last on passive income streams, and how I'm planning to build one out over this month. Right now I'm debating if I want to go through with that or not. It's not a huge project, but it is time-intensive.

The reason I hesitate is because I'm currently focused on an even bigger project – creating a coaching program. I'm actively working on this project, and after holding several “test run” teleseminars to see how I feel teaching, I'm excited. I don't know that I want to take time away from this project to work on the passive income stream yet (I don't consider a coaching program passive because I have a weekly call with my clients).

Love of Teaching

I love to teach. I enjoy teaching my children every day – we homeschool, and there are many life skills to teach above and beyond academics. Over the past month I've also found that I love teaching my teleclasses. These are focused on my biggest niche site (pregnancy/birth/baby niche) and I am totally passionate about the subject matter. I also have a lot to offer and lot to teach on it after a decade “up to my ears” in it… and several of my own pregnancy, birth, and baby experiences.

Writing is enjoyable to me, but I am truly enjoying the experience of teaching a live class. I really can't wait to get my program launched and work with clients that I get to know – to make a personal difference in their lives.

The Benefits of a Coaching Program

I know first-hand the benefits of a coaching program because I've been participating in a business coaching program this year. It has been a great resource for me. My coach/mentor is full of knowledge about business and marketing. Our group coaching calls are always informative. The accountability is very helpful.

For instance, the coaching program begins with a set of lessons delivered via email. Those lessons spurred me to really get two information products I'd been working on finished, uploaded, and selling. Those are now generating passive income for me every month.

Recent lessons have focused on traffic generation, so I will soon be seeing much more traffic to my niche sites, where I can effectively monetize my subscribers while giving them great information. My coach stresses the importance of giving great value, so it encourages me to keep the quality of my work high.

Like I said above, the accountability factor is huge. We moved and I found I was pregnant in the spring of this year. Those are two huge changes in life, and I got way off track with my business throughout that. Knowing that my coach was there and I had weekly calls to attend (or listen to, even if I missed the live call), made a big difference for me. I could have probably just skated by for months, using pregnancy and moving as an excuse to do nothing with my business. But I wanted to get the full benefit of my coach and coaching program, so I pulled myself back together and got back to work. Huge benefit.

Because of my first-hand experience with coaching, I know this is a great way to really reach and touch clients in a way my simple niche sites (even those that are “authority sites”) do not and cannot.

Deeply In

At this point I'm deep in the process of developing my coaching program – email campaign, class materials, audio recordings, etc.

I'm planning to write about each step in this process since so much of it is applicable to all information products. I'll also write some about other strategies that I'm working with (such as the traffic generation my coaching is covering right now). I'm hoping that writing about what I'm working on right now will keep me writing here more consistently and give me a place to get feedback 😉

What projects are you working on? Have you set aside one project to fully expand another? How did that work out for you?

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  1. Thanks for your post about teaching, posting and traffic generation. They are all related in building up an audience, loyal readers and engaged visitors.

    Keep up the great work, Kristen!

  2. Hi Kristen, I read several of your blogs and just wanted to acknowledge how much I enjoyed them. I found you through Ezine where I have started posting articles too. You have an easy to read, informative style. I especially appreciated “Creating a Coaching Program” because that’s what I am focusing on now. Thanks for your articles!
    Best wishes, Sandy

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