About Milk and Mud

Milk and Mud is Here to Help You
Get More Productive, Peaceful, and Profitable

Do you own your own internet business?  I do.  Are you trying to balance your life and your business – all while achieving the success you dream of?  I know that feeling, too.

Are you searching for information on how to make your business more profitable – without spending tons of cash?  Me too!

Many have tried and failed with an online business… I have seen it happen and I have tried a few things myself that just didn't work out!  I think about the money I spent on those things, and more importantly, about the time, and I cringe!

That's why I started Milk and Mud.

I run two successful websites dedicated to moms and babies, but I wanted to do even more.  I wanted to share what I'm learning about building a business online, getting lots of traffic, and strategies for making a good income.

Here on Milk and Mud I'll share traffic generation techniques that worked for my niche sites and that I'm using here.  I'll share different ways to make money with an online business… and I'll share how to do it on a shoestring (like I did) or how to do it a little faster if you have the cash 🙂

This Ain't Get Rich Quick

I'm an entrepreneur, not a get-rich-quick gal.  My family and my Lord are first and foremost in my life, but I will admit that I'm wired for the thrill of seeing something I create take shape.  I love seeing my business take off.  I don't like the inevitable setbacks quite so much, but I do learn a lot from them.

This site doesn't share get-rich-quick schemes.  I have no respect for someone who wants to get the reward without the work.  Set up a system that will eventually run without massive input from you… that sounds good.  But if you're not willing to put your heart and your time into it at first, you're on the wrong website.  I will teach you what I've learned and what I'm learning, but you have to be willing to do the work.

An entrepreneur is an amazing thing to be — you get to build a business (or businesses) and you get to watch yourself grow while you do it.  Some of the most famous entrepreneurs in history have gone through growth right along with their company (from famous temper-tantrums in the boardroom to coming of age amidst their amazing contributions).  Because I believe that building my business is a journey, I write about personal development, too.

I'll also share my tips for productivity.  If there's one thing you have to be to manage a large family and a business, it's efficient.

This is Milk and Mud

Sometimes creamy and rich, sometimes messy… this pure and real business building.  Glean from what I've already learned and join me as I head onward 🙂

It's about my journey, and more importantly to you, it's part of your journey.

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