We help women double their productivity in 90 days - while growing vital relationships, taking time for self-care, and creating a life you love

What's Working Now:

How to Double Your Productivity While Living a Life You Love

Attention: wonder women

Stop feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and burned out

  • STOP losing time with your kids and neglecting your relationships
  • STOP feeling like there's no time for you... that maybe there's not even any "you" left 
  • START creating a schedule that works for you and finally love the life you're living

Hi, I'm Kristen...

I've been helping mamas juggle pregnancies, babies, and life with littles for over 15 years.  I've also managed my own 8 kiddos while running my own business (and keeping my home humming along, too).

Over time, I've fine-tuned systems that help women stay on top of their lives while growing professionally and personally - and in the masterclass I dive into what really works for women...

...and why you need a holistic productivity system geared towards your "wonder woman" life ;)

I hope you enjoy the class and I'll talk to you soon!


Double Your productivity (like a girl boss) 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Why most productivity systems fail women
  • The meaning of "holistic goal-setting" (and how it can lead to breakthrough in your personal and professional life
  • If you're only setting goals, you're missing a key in breaking through roadblocks (this will lead to more peace and happiness in your life - guaranteed!)
  • How to take back your calendar so you work on what matters most - while tackling everything else, too
  • How to use the "30-minute rule" and the "15-minute rule" to put an end to procrastination (and complete the projects that mean the world to you)
  • Why productivity "tools" are the wrong first step to get back on track (and what step you should take first)

Get a Clear Plan and Learn Strategies that Work for Real Women

Take it slow... be intentional about creating a life you love. That's exactly what I'm doing in my own life right now.  Life is about the journey - and you should enjoy it!  I'm living a life full to the brim of family, marriage, homemaking, and running a business... and I'm teaching you how to stay productive - and happy - too.

I do all of this so that I can live the life I want - and more importantly - while nurturing the people that I love.  Do you have a life you love - full, productive... and peaceful?  If not, the time to take action is now - I'm ready to share with you!

Productivity Masterclass

Free Masterclass: 

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Finding Joy in the Chaos (and the Daily Grind)

You'll get real-life, doable steps to gain clarity and unlock happiness - regardless of the challenges you're facing:

  • Applicable in every season of your life
  • Figure out exactly what's holding you back (and clear it out of the way)
  • Understand that you can succeed professionally - even if you're juggling career, kids, marriage, home, and more
  • Discover how to nurture the relationships you treasure
  • How to take back your calendar for what matters most in your life
  • Productivity tools that take you from overwhelmed to on top of it all <3